Leveraging on the gaming experience, Game Cooks developed and licensed a variety of Lottery and betting games, both Virtual and Live. The extensive portfolio includes live sports betting in both traditional and live forms, horse racing, instant lotteries, and many more. The company is currently licensing the software to 9 clients in Africa, and is quickly expanding in emerging markets.


Game Cooks started as a mobile and PC video game developer and publisher studio, catering to the App Store, Google Play and Steam stores with over 14 published titles and two in the making. With more than 10 awards under its wing, Game Cooks quickly became the leading studio in the Middle East and recently expanded its activities to San Francisco.


It started in GDC 2016, where the team discovered the immersion of Virtual Reality and decided to be part of it! Quick enough, Game Cooks adopted this technology and believed that Virtual Reality is a medium not to be overlooked. Went on to produce 5 VR games and currently working on other experiences for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.