Yogo and The Wandering Carnival is a 3D puzzle adventure game where you are the chosen one of the Shaya people to defeat the Mujihi, the race that invaded your planet Furrah and enslaved your people. Chosen by the Goddess of Light and given the power of light, you are destined to save the Shayas.

Once upon a time, in the land of “Furrah”, there was a town of little people called the Shaya who enjoyed a joyous life filled with laughter; untainted by sadness. Their entire existence was a humongous carnival, with thrilling rides and happiness all around.

On a not so average day, the sky split open and gave way to the Mujihi, a race of roving subjugators. Their goal was to tarnish all purity and happiness from the land down to the last drop.

After the incursion of the Mujihi, Furrah shifted from a cheery habitat to a lifeless land filled with debris. A legion of Scientists roamed across the plane, spreading fear and darkness along their path, which led the Shaya to become refugees in their own land.

Right when all hope seemed to be lost, Yogo the juggler risked his own life to restore peace and prosperity to the land. To honor his courageous decision, the Goddess of light, “Gayla” bestowed upon his devil stick the power of light to help him on his journey.

As his adventures started, he found and freed three Shaya Clones from captivity, whom in their turn will help Yogo solving the hard puzzles on his path. Together they formed a formidable party made of courage, wits and the most powerful quality of all... Belief.